Tamástslikt Welcomes You

Welcome to the Tamastslikt blog.  Here is our interface with the outside world.  We’re interested in your views and reactions to Tamastslikt goings-on.  Every day we’re met with fresh viewpoints that may or may not alter our future.  Last week, Juliana, a German graduate student, came our way.  She was particularly interested in tribal museums, of which there are not that many.  While she complimented Tamastslikt, she also asked, why is it that the majority of space in tribal museums is devoted to the past?  ‘Ikuyn (true), over 75% of Tamastslikt portrays the past–We Were–while smaller areas portray We Are and We Will Be.  I told her about a talk that Les ‘Kite’ Minthorn had given about the planning of Tamastslikt with other tribal elders, and their desire to make their own museum a repository of knowledge for future generations of Indians and ultimately a place of healing.  Therefore, young ones need to find out the tribal version of past events, ne’e?

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One Response to Tamástslikt Welcomes You

  1. Cass says:

    I visited the museum years ago and sadly can’t find any of my journals or work from that period. I often think back to my time spent there. I am curious if i can find out the Tamastslikt words for “we were, we are, we will be”

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