Signs of the Season

The tumbleweeds are turning reddish and purple on the roadside, getting ready for the winter winds to blast them across the plain. They are adding a little color to the fall landscape. During the winter, they will amass in the nooks and crannies of Tamástslikt like a freestyle installation by nature, pressing up against windows and doors in mammoth piles, whirling around, and landing on the windshield, toox! The maintenance crew sometimes relocates them to the other side of the building where they can continue pitching eastward. Some visitors have gone out and picked up a prickly tumbleweed to take home. Perhaps they spray-paint them silver and gold.  Richard Skyhawk, our local artist,  said if he was to make tumbleweed art, he’d use barbed wire.   Despite cowboy songs about “tumbling tumbleweeds,” tumbleweeds are not native to the western states but came from the Ukraine according to the Internet. I wonder how tumbleweeds came to be associated with the old west theme. Nothing says ‘desolation’ like a tumbleweed.

Tamastslikt tumbleweeds

Tamastslikt in October

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One Response to Signs of the Season

  1. Richard SkyHawk says:

    Tumbleweed and changing seasons: Winter is here and I still am reminded of frozen plains and frozen cows and tumbleweeds standing their ground against barbed wired fences. And bitter snows — Probably, why I thought of making barbed wired tumbleweeds. SkyHawk

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