Congratulations to a young artist

Avary McKay

2010 People's Choice Winner

In September Ms. Avary McKay won the people’s choice award in the 13th Annual Tribal Art Show. She was competing with some very accomplished artists such as Whitney Minthorn, Vanessa Enos, JoMarie Tessman, and others. Yet her painting was far and away at the head of the pack favored by the popular vote throughout the show’s duration. Avary intends to study anthropology and history, and she may minor in art. Perhaps she has museum studies at the back of her mind, since she is a part-time curatorial assistant here, learning conservation practice. She created the image of Celilo Falls from surveying photographs of the long-gone historic site. She dreamed up the colors of the water. The great fishing grounds are not even a memory to this young person. However, her family owned fishing sites along the Columbia River, and they continue to fish to this day. Even Avary’s late grandmother, Rosemary Narcisse, pulled nets from the Columbia River. The lives spent on the river still mean something to our modern young people. Qeciyeew’yew, Avary.

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