Time to Play

Northwest Indian Child Welfare Assoc.

Here is a poster that is a “blast from the past” from the Northwest Indian Child Welfare Association. The subjects are Shalaya Williams and her grandmother, Tessie Williams. Now Shalaya is a grown woman who recently graduated from Haskell University. She has been working here as an intern with the living culture village program. On the First Friday of November, Shalaya will demonstrate the stickgame all afternoon. She has become quite the intertribal stickgame player. She’s been everywhere and she knows her stuff, all the intricacies of the game. She sings, she drums, she wins. She will invite the public to join in the game too. Watch or play, it’s fun.

Blue Mountain Wildlife will also be here at Tamastslikt on November 5th, from 1-5pm. They usually bring Ula the golden eagle, a screech owl, great horned owl, and a variety of hawks, including the smallest raptors, kestrels. They do a great service for the survival of wild birds, rehabbing them and releasing them back in the wild. The education birds all have reasons why they cannot be released.

After the July Wildhorse pow-wow one year, we had some Canadian drummers visit Tamastslikt. I saw them coming out of the museum store, their arms full of rubber ducks. When they saw the golden eagle (it wasn’t Ula), they dropped what they were doing. They wanted to give the guy cigarettes if he would let them touch the eagle. He said no, that’s not in the educational license to allow touching the bird. Finally, our elder docent Woodrow Star prevailed on him to let the young man touch the eagle. He said, now they’ll go home and tell their people they actually touched a golden eagle.

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