Come to the Collectors’ Cache

This year, “black Friday” might be “pristine snow Friday” here at Tamastslikt. The Canadian front has hit us square on, as it used to many years ago at the end of the little Ice Age. Wikipedia says November 26 and 27 are also “Buy Nothing Day.” So it might be a good day to visit Tamastslikt, take another nostalgic look at the Tall-in-the-Saddle exhibit, and reminisce with the guys. Two gentlemen, Mervyn Swearingen and Wayne Low, local collectors of Round-Up memorabilia, will be here from 10am to 4pm, exhibiting their lifelong collections of Round-Up ephemera. Looking at their collection will cost nothing, although admission to the museum itself will cost. I used to have a Happy Canyon program that featured my grandmother’s grandmother. It also contained an article about “Big Jim” Badroads, another tribal Round-Up promoter. I gave the program to one of his descendants. Alas, Tamástslikt doesn’t have that particular issue. I’ll be anxious to check out Mr. Swearingen’s archive. He said he has traveled as far as Taos, NM, to get his hands on old stuff.

I wonder if anybody collects that most politically-incorrect garment, the “squaw dress.” I had one as a child that my mother bought at Hamley’s. It was a turquoise crinkly material with silver rickrack. Probably most people don’t know what rickrack is anymore. The skirt had several gathered tiers. Then my mom got me a fake concho belt to top it off. That was Round-Up high style in my day. I think I wore it with canvas tenny-runners and anklets for the want of kickers.


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