Goodbye, Tall-in-the-Saddle exhibit:

Pat Walters–A wonderful tribute to Pendleton, the association & especially the Tribes; Sam & Kelly Johnson from the Yukon territories; Krzysiek Rosiecki/Helena Howarth UK/Poland “Amazing place”; WuPei-Hui, Taiwan; Ron J. Pond, “outstanding; real R-Up history”;Debby Tewa, Hopi, AZ;Leah J. Conner–:Bueno, fun to see it here;The Hollwedels—It was fantastic—greetings from Deutschland; Mary Lou Lazinka O’Rourke–An excellent representation of my favorite rodeo!; Carol Speedis—great display of everything—always a joy to come here; Margaret Gianotti—second time around, GREAT!!; Ted & Verl…Von Horn SLC UT, tender and poignant display of the plight of the tribes and their survival!; Esteban Albarran Jr. It was fantastic to learn a lot about the round-up and other things too!;Gilberta Gottfriedson-Baker, It is the best yet, grat Jod; Katie & Brooke Landwehr, This museum needs more kid activities. Very informational. Thanks!; Michael and Christine Ja…ki, Boise ID, Beautiful, Awesome, Amazing and we are appreciate for everything specially for culture Indian.; Maeve Whitty, Boston Mass. Thank-You! I now know and appreciate more of the history and culture of Oregon.; Karen Jim Whitford, Celilo Wy-am; Oly Meanus Jr & Virginia Meanus; Liang Ho (Ms.) Please have teachers/students visit! Make a DVD of exhibit with tour guide/narrator; Lutshas Family (Cherokee) great center thank you; The Garners (England) a great insite into the Native Americans & the Pendleton Round-Up, Let’er buck!;Sandra Davis, N. Ireland, Belfast, “awesome”; Rod & Doris Harvey, thanks for keeping history alive!”; Kent & Anita Nelson, “We celebrate our anniversary every year at Pendleton Round-Up. This is our 45th year of marriage & Round-Up”; Luigi Miccoles, great; John & Ruth Forrester, a beautiful cultural center!; Becky Penman, Green Bluff, WA, “Fabulous—accurate—unfortunately very sobering!”; Larry Wettstein,. Germany, “very well done. I’ll tell friends”; LaTonia Andy, “100th Annual Beauty Pageant Winner! Best year ever! Let’er buck!”; Cheryl Watlamet Scott, “Let’er Buck, we are all family when we come to have our ‘reunions’”; Gunawan Murhadi, Cove, Very interesting, I’m not a cowboy, someday maybe; Maile, Inge, Germany. Very good exhibit. Very interesting. Sehr gute Ausstellung. Sehr interessant.; Karen & Scott Rollins, Wailuka HI wonderful presentation, happy 100th such a history , very interesting; Maria Huhtaniska, Helsinki, Finland. Impressive exhibition on native Americans. Loved the history part and handicraft.; Leo Calabaza T.O. #6, Kewa-K…um-NM—Just arrived! Nice exhibit if you’re a cowboy!; Peter Za…l, Sweden, lovely to see this museum, it gave me hope for the Indian.; Lorna M. Spain, LaGrande, OR, Most interesting & well done! King would have been so happy, Fredericka also.; Dale McKain- have attended the Round-Up for 57 years – 2010; Richard Foute, Quebec, Canada, great to see so much history and the great Major Moorhouse pictures; Leona Luton – I liked all the saddles and beadwork—it was awesome; Larry Speere, Beautiful culture, be yourself always; Jean Campbell, Scotland, an amazing history outstanding exhibition; Maralyn (Spain) Murdock, Boise, ID, niece of John Spain; Ron & Shari Blasco, Castle Rock, ID, absolutely beautiful, my heart and eyes are full of memories; Lachi Subba, the best museum ever I saw; Jack & Aria June Rutherson 1st visit to centennial exhibit, several other visits, great! Much sobering and joyful material, Milton-Freewater OR; Wayne & Corrinen Swearingen, It’s the best; Louie & Marie Dick—Cool!

Happy Canyon 1974 program cover

Happy Canyon 1974 cover

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