Did you know that most color negatives and prints last a maximum of 40 years, even negatives and prints stored in the dark? To combat the environmental assault on photos, come to Tamástslikt’s ‘Taking Care of Your Photos’ lecture-workshop by professional archivist Richard Engeman, February 17, 2011, from 6-8pm. Bring photos to use as examples. You will learn how to preserve photos and digital media. It will be very practical information. Your photographs are in a world of chemical dangers. Anything acidic or odorous may be offgassing your photos. Rubber bands and even some paper products contain sulfur, which like rubber cement will break down the silver image in photos. Many photocopiers and printers emit ozone, which is damaging to photographs, so photos shouldn’t be stored nearby. Do you think digital images are safe from degradation? How can you best care for and organize your family photographs and documents? What can digitization do for you? What are the drawbacks to digitizing your photographs? Come find out at the free public lecture-workshop, February 17, 6-8pm. Mr. Engeman’s website is at

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