Coats, one of the exhibit development professionals from OMSI, Oregon’s premier science center—at 1pm this coming Saturday, April 16.  It’s amazing the amount of research, consultation with experts, and design, planning and evaluation that go into an interactive exhibit such as AMAZING FEATS OF AGING.  Vicki has some stories to tell.  OMSI makes science so accessible.  Even if you don’t want to learn, you will.  There will be PepsiCola snacks and refreshments.  This is a free public program made possible by our friends at Pepsi Bottling of Pendleton.

Yes I feel ever so much better since visiting our new exhibit, AMAZING FEATS OF AGING.  I am much reassured that I am increasing in wisdom and knowledge every day, and it’s not total decline that I am facing as the years mount up behind me.  I tried the reflex testing machine and didn’t do very well, but who needs reflexes.  The experience of the exhibit has placed me very much on the upspin about life in general.  You should go!  And bring all your friends. 

The kids have been enjoying the Age Machine that takes an image of your face then adds wrinkles to it.  No sagging, bloating, or hair loss, just a few interesting lines and wrinkles.  Everybody must try it.  As you can see from this photo of our Development Officer, his job has been very stressful and wrinkle-forming.

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