Horing the Red, White, and Blue

There is a ‘must-see’ exhibit at Fort Walla Walla Museum right now.  It’s called Honoring the Red, White, and Blue: Patriotic Beadwork of the Plateau People.  It features about 30 beaded pieces.  It was mind-blowing to see the pieces.  Some objects are downright psychedelic.  The exhibit deserves a long look.  It will be there through August 11.  The beadwork is from the collection of Mr. Fred Mitchell, who it is said owns a collection of 1,500 pieces of beadwork of which this is a small portion.

Did you know Tamástslikt members can get admitted free at partner museums?  Tamástslikt has reciprocity agreements with institutions such as the Oregon Historical Society, Washington State Historical Society, and Fort Walla Walla Museum.  We admit their card-carrying members free of charge, and they do likewise for our members (CTUIR, Inwai Circle of Friends membership program).  Guess what, it is a fringe benefit that is not much used.

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