Learning about Free Radicals

Kw’ałanúušamaš (WW), Kw’ałanáwašamaš (Um), Qeciyéew’yew, THANK YOU to Nixyáawii Community School students, Aaliyah Dick, Paige Avenson-Tussing, Nakeyha Watchman, Liz Wilson, and Carlyle Star for volunteering to participate in our event of May 10.  The NCS students led the 40 Head Start students through the Amazing Feats of Aging exhibit.  They were very much on task, attentive, and made sure the little students got something both educational and fun from their time spent at Tamástslikt.  Aaliyah, Paige, Nakeyha, Liz, and Carlyle were outstanding representatives of their school.

Liz Wilson


Paige & Nakeyha shepherd little ones

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