Kathleen Gordon, Tribal Elder

Born on Treaty Day

Anakú mun Čaw Ćáa ’íkwiyaan

‘When it did not go forth in a good manner’

Pá’inixwat pašapátutiyaytana

“They’re going to make a Treaty”

–Tamástslikt text panels

 “The old people said, ‘there’s no way the white people can ever pay the worth of the land that was taken under the treaty.’”—tribal elder, CTUIR

 “Like I say, they’ve taken our land, they’ve taken our rivers, they’ve taken our fish. I don’t know what more they want.” –the late Carrie Sampson, CTUIR Elder, fish report


”In 1855, when our people gathered in the Walla Walla Valley, it was their intent and purpose to preserve a way of life when they made their mark on this treaty, this piece of paper. They had me and you in their minds and in their hearts.” Armand Minthorn, CTUIR member.

“Much of what we’re doing today is to preserve this information and knowledge for the future, so that as we train the next generation of leaders, we’re confident they have this knowledge.  Tribes are restoring and strengthening their tribes, at the same time they are contributing to the welfare of their communities.  We’re not taking. We’re reclaiming our status as people, a culture, as a nation.”  Carl Sampson, Walla Walla Chief, 2005, AP article by Shannon Dininny, 5-28-05. 

What else do people say about the treaty?


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