What happens when home schools, middle school, and American Cruise’s  Queen of the West converge?    Tamástslikt becomes a bustling place.  On Friday, First Friday, free admission day, wildlife biologist and adjunct educator, Howard Postovit, brought golden eagle, Olga, to visit in the morning.  Lynn Tompkins and the Blue Mountain Wildlife were here in the afternoon with Ulla, golden eagle, and a bevy of live raptors.  Almost 200 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders from Walla Walla were studiously filling out study guides from morning to afternoon, so well-behaved.  Shalaya taught them about the ancient stickgame in the village; Alvina Huesties shared the seasonal round; John Bevis told stories, and Randall Melton addressed the horse culture.  Many networking young moms and small children swelled the ranks on First Friday, checking out the Amazing Feats of Aging exhibit and the outdoor living culture village.  The day before, American Cruise’s Queen of the West had deboarded at Umatilla to spend time in historic Pendleton and at Tamástslikt, eating huckleberry ice cream.  Then they were off to Sacajawea Park in Pasco to meet their boat and explore more of the Columbia and Snake Rivers.  We were glad the drizzly weather lifted so everybody  could enjoy a few sunshiny days.  Tasnix!  Very good—

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