Kestrel, Smallest Raptor

Tomorrow is First Friday, July 1.  There’s a lot of doings going on down at the July grounds, horse parade, etc., but don’t forget to come to Tamástslikt.  Blue Mountain Wildlife will be here from 1-5pm with an array of birds of prey ranging from the smallest human-imprinted  kestrels up to the full-grown golden eagle, Ulla.  Time it right, and you may witness Ulla partaking of a frozen rat snack.  Unfortunately, Howard Postovit and Olga the long-lived  golden eagle will not be here in the morning, but they will be back for First Friday in August.

This will be the last chance to take in the OMSI exhibit, Amazing Feats of Aging, for free.  July is the last month of the OMSI exhibit.  It has been the grand experiment to bring in a fully interactive exhibit for children and families.  While the Aging Machine that simulates aging your face has been popular, and so has the pinball-like game that teaches about free radicals, the most popular attraction has been the puppet theater where kids puppeteer with little critters on sticks.  The smallest to the older kids seem to enjoy acting out their own story, even though there is a canned soundtrack to accompany the show. 

August 12 opens the COWGIRLS exhibit, a black-and-white photography show by Ronnie Farley out of New York.  She portrays several working cowgirls, not just the dress-up variety–I believe from the Wyoming area, Randall Melton, curator, will supplement the show with artifacts and memorabilia about local cowgirls as well.  If you have any such cowgirl-related, exhibit-worthy materials to lend to Tamástslikt on a short-term loan, do contact Curator Melton at (541)429-7720 or email  We want the COWGIRLS show to be as rich as possible.

Happy Independence Day—

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