Crow's Shadow Institute Montage

In mid-March the Navajo artist John Feodorov who makes a living with “pop detritus” in his “relentless search for meaning and identity” held a community workshop at the Crow’s Shadow Institute.  Participants were invited to share photos.   A massive untitled montage was created.  It is now on view at Tamástslikt amidst the “Amazing Feats of Aging” exhibit.  

It’s a most apropos setting for the montage, since there is shown a wonderful mixture of generations.  Two Nixyáawii Community School students brought photos of their elders and themselves.  A young woman shared photos of her wedding day and her Apache grandmother.  Sisters brought a photo of their aunt in muffler and shawl in front of six-foot icicles.  Author Bette Husted brought a turn-of-century photo of her family’s homestead in Wallowa country.  Photographer David Quaempts contributed a photo of ice as you’ve never seen ice before.  Then there is William Sigo, the mutton-buster, at Round-Up.

The artist statement reads, “Each group member was encouraged to write on the photo a secret, a worry, a hope, a belief, a memory from the photo, or something else regarding the photo that no one else might know.”  The artist then declared all the participants to be artists ala Wizard of Oz.

Artists were Doug DeBok, Sophia Enos, Frances Foote, Jason Hogge, Bette Husted, CeCe Husted, Brittany Malcolm, Karen Malcolm, Avary McKay, Robin Marsh, Enid Miller, Brian Purnell, David Quaempts, Lily Sheoships, Susan Sheoships, and Alice Thomas.  Graphic artist Caryn Appler volunteered digital know-how along with Flynn Espe and Frank Janzen.  Thanks to Crow’s Shadow Institute for holding the workshop and for sharing this beautiful artifact.  It’s Crow’s Shadow’s practice to contribute something back to the community through each artist-in-residence.  In turn we are very proud that such an institute resides on the Umatilla Indian Reservation.  Everybody, come see.

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