Shalaya Excavating

Don’t you like the boss who jumps in and works with you?  That’s Shalaya Williams shoveling away in the 85 degree weather with the boys from the summer youth employment program.  They are excavating the pit house to make it more like someone’s home.  But they don’t want to disturb the bird’s nest that’s been installed in the belfry.  Summer youth are with us for a few weeks learning about tribal lifeways so they can demonstrate it for visitors.  This is tule reed construction time for them, but they’ve got a few other tasks to do beforehand.  They will soon launch their horse trappings project in which the staff will create a set of horse trappings for Tamastslikt Cultural Institute holdings.   On July 16 they will dress up a horse with regalia.  After that date, the horses will not be here, but displays of assorted horse ornaments and tack will continue in the village through July 22.  In the meantime, Shalaya is making the village come alive.  It’s open through Labor Day weekend. 

Collections curator Randall Melton is still seeking short-term loans of local cowgirl memorabilia.  He can be reached at (541)429-7720 or email  On August 12, the Cowgirls photo exhibit opens, and Curator Melton is seeking additional artifacts and photos to supplement the show about working cowgirls.  Cowgirls of all stripes are welcome.  We’re honoring womanhood here.  If you have cowgirl memorabilia that you would like to see displayed in our gallery til October 9, contact Randall.

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