Ulla, Golden Eagle, and Lynn Tompkins

We got word that Ulla, the golden eagle, died by accidental electrocution night before last.   She was one of the education birds of Blue Mountain Wildlife, and came to Tamástslikt regularly for a few years.  She was just here last Friday. Ulla was blind in one eye and so could never be released, but she was a functional flyer and such a beauty.  Even with only one working eye, Ulla always had that million-miles-away look.  Last year, Blue Mountain came here quite often for the spring school groups, and Ulla was a nonstop vocalizer, constantly calling out for Lynn Tompkins, her caretaker.   Lynn would have to hide out of sight in order for Ulla to pipe down.  Ulla had imprinted pretty strongly on Lynn, and it was just part of her springtime ritual.  It’s a very sad day to think of no more Ulla.

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