páaxampa--At the pow wow

Saturday, September 3, from 1-4pm, there is a free children’s pow-wow to be held in Naamí Nisháycht, our living culture village.  Children age 14 and under are welcome to participate, and everybody is welcome to be spectators.  This event will mark the closing of the village for the season.  Come on up.  It should be fun.  It’s all for fun.  There’s no purse– just for funsies–as they say.  It will be our last blow-out before Labor Day, then back to work and school.  Reward yourself, relax, bring a folding chair, and enjoy some good songs.   Warm up before Round-Up.  Our late chief, Raymond “Popcorn” Burke used to always encourage everybody, “make just one piece of regalia this year, and you will work yourself up to a full outfit.”  John Bevis tells the kids, “Tell your folks you need an outfit.”  Powwow is becoming a culture unto itself, but there was a time when anyone and everyone participated, and there was no elite.  People finished the work of summer and rewarded themselves by showing their regalia, wearing it.  Their reward for completing the seasonal round was being among the people, enjoying themselves.

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