Lucas T. White, CTUIR casualty, Iraq, 2006

October 20, Tamástslikt will open a major exhibit, “Honoring Our Veterans,” that will depict most American conflicts.  It will profile participating military organizations, along with selected individuals from each era.  A very special happening occurs October 20-23 when the American Veterans’ Traveling Tribute (AVTT) will be erected on Tamástslikt’s grounds.  During those four days, the public can view the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall replica, along with other commemorations, free of charge.    The indoor exhibit will be on display through January 2012. 

The ethnic group that is most disproportionately represented in the U.S. military is the American Indian.  American Indians make up a scant one percent of the U.S. population  but comprise almost two percent of U.S. military forces.  Why is that so?  Why is it that the people who were largely  disenfranchised by the US government seem most eager to step up and serve their country.  When it comes to fighting for freedom, those most willing to join the fight are also most likely to have been on the receiving end of racism, bigotry, and discrimination.  Can anyone answer this question?  Why do American Indians enlist with the military?  We’d be interested in obtaining a few answers please.

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1 Response to WHY DO THEY SERVE

  1. Lisa says:

    I think that American Indians join the military disproportionately because it is a statement: I am American. and beyond that, this country is worth my very life. Though I didn’t know the statistic until reading it here, anyone who knows this has to call into question why American Indians are so disregarded by the country and people they protect.

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