Today there was a party here at Tamástslikt, a much more staid party than Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center has ever thrown, judging from the photo albums of parties past.  Bruce Campbell, long time “SUD” –Service Unit Director, was the host.  Tessie Williams, Elwood Patawa, Clarence Cowapoo, Rita Campbell, the Condons, Mary Davis, Jeff Butler, Iona Quaempts Hansel, Doris Thompson, were some who breezed through.  Poring over crazy photos of past staff Christmas cards, memories were sparked of Yellowhawk doings of the past. 

A certain dignified nutritionist recalled being voted as “princess” of ardent ringleader and past clinical director, Dudley Beck, who held court.  Everyone was issued a stick horse to ride in the Round-Up parade.  They all galloped along and then ran toward the crowd and made their stick horses rear up.  The environmental health man had some drinks and had trouble staying aboard his stick horse.  These are the folks we trusted with our health.

Looking at the photos, everybody was young, thin, had color in their hair.  It gave the impression the Yellowhawk Clinic was a unique work place where Indians and non-Indians mixed it up, professionals, paraprofessionals and plain ole titoqanma.  It looks like Yellowhawk was a culture unto itself. 

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