Woodrow Star

Woodrow Star, Cayuse-Nez Perce of Arickara extraction, son of Theresa Mae Eagle, served in Vietnam in the  Military Police.  When he arrived at his station, they found a used helmet for him with a faded ‘MP’ imprint, barely visible.  He was sitting in the jeep waiting for the driver when a non-comm approached and started talking pidgeon English at him.  “Remember last time you here? Remember the mirror? It’s gone.  Since you here last, the mirror went missing.  You know anything about that?”  Woodrow stood up beside the jeep towering over the guy and read him the riot act and chased him back inside the building.  He was a little tickled that the guy was an E-5, very much his senior.  Woodrow perfected his cop persona, raging at full force.  He’s the only guy who sounds all wholesome whilst cussing up a storm.  Yet beneath his fiercesome facade, his demeanor is totally calm.   He’s maintained his health by acting the part of a Type A throughout his long cop career.  Nothing bothers him.

Mr. Star said that the outfit he had been mistaken for– the allied ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam)– was always messing with them.  The ARVNs would act deferential, but they were in the habit of pointing their weapons at the American GI’s.  Woodrow said he would get behind cover and point his weapon right back.  Then the ARVNs would laugh and act like it was a joke, but the Americans could never be sure.

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