The late Theresa Eagle

A couple of years ago, Tamástslikt held several free evening sessions of Mend, Measure, and Repair to help folks prepare for the centennial Pendleton Round-Up.  Evenings were dedicated to horse trappings, regalia, featherwork, or horse tack.  Some consulting experts were Woodrow Star, Fred Hill, Thomas Morning Owl, Maynard Lavadour, Katy Blackwolf, John Bevis, Richard Sams Sr. & Jr., Robin Severe, and others.  Some antique treasures from the vault were on display, so people could view the old constructions and patterns. 

While attendance seldom hit two digits, one outcome was born out of the experiment—Indian taco buffet, which has become a regular Tamástslikt feature. 

Another experiment is in the making—Community Academy.  While our local community is always welcome to attend Tamástslikt events—film showings, lectures, book signings, etc., Tamástslikt wants to offer some interactive or hands-on events that will help keep alive certain skills and abilities, the knowledge that makes us who we are– such as storytelling, weaving, etc.    

Community Academy will kick off Saturday, February 11, from 10am to noon with Storytelling open mic.  We’ll invite local storytellers to shine a light for storytelling, and any novice storyteller is welcome to try out the audience.  Hopefully there will be an audience, because we’ll have delicious refreshments. 

Every 3-4 months, there will be another Community Academy, and your suggestions for topics do count.  On July 25, there will be an evening Behind-the-Scenes Basketry Tour by Collections Curator, Randall Melton.  Basketweavers and weaving aficionados are welcome to come look at some of the old bags and baskets that are not on display.

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